Customer Support Experience in Tech

We had the opportunity to connect with Liz Drews, Head of support at Onboard to discuss:

- Challenges in support operations

- Opportunities in enhancing customer experience in tech

- Top 3 tips for a stellar CX

Watch the video to learn more about support experience in software tech.

Transcript summary of the chat

1. How do you manage support operations across cross functional teams?

  • Understand the lay of land: As a support leader, see the field across the spectrum of customer issues and relay the right information across the organization.
  • Voice of customer: Ensure the voice of the customer is being represented across sales, product, engineering workflows.
  • Build relationships: Building rapport and great relationships with teams and organizations is key to smooth operations where multiple stakeholders are involved.

2. What changes would you make to the world of CX, if you had a magic wand?

  • User journey map: Magically get all the clicks, views, logs through the user journey in real-time when a customer experiences an issue and in contact with support.
  • Contextual input: Provide contextual buttons for customers within the product so that they can provide exactly where the issue is present within the product’s workflow.
  • Value of support: Tie customer support to business impact and present the value of support across organizations.

3. Any career advice for upcoming CX professionals?

  • Be strategic: Understand the root problem the customer is trying to solve and then come up with a solution, instead of being a transactional problem solver.
  • Think on the edge of the box: Instead of following the script all the time, see how to reduce the number of steps it takes to solve the problem and provide value to the customer.
  • Become the trusted advisor: Develop a deep empathy for the customer beyond the current problem and solve for customer outcomes. This way you become the customer’s trusted advisor.

4. What are your top three support tips for a stellar CX?

  • Be human: Show up to every interaction as yourself and make every customer interaction count, instead of counting tickets.
  • Build connection: Ensure you are making the customers successful and build great relationships.
  • Own the issue: Own the customer problem, the communication both internally and externally, and having the “buck stops with you” mindset until the problem is solved.

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